Management – CA Rich Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Charles Rich, the original active Founder of CA RICH Consultants, Inc., brings over 40 years of progressive professional experience in the concept, initiation, planning, design, execution, management, and defense of numerous environmental projects. His technical expertise stems from a progressive project background emphasizing Fortune 500 corporate issues relative to hazardous waste management, dispute resolution, strategic thinking, and construction-related real estate development and redevelopment issues. As President of CA RICH Consultants, Inc., Mr. Rich directs the Firm’s professional staff, aligns business goals, and ongoing public and private business development activities.

Mr. Rich has testified as an Expert Witness in both Federal and State Courts in the United States and is viewed as an industry leader in understanding and assisting the Firm’s Clientele to solve problems on Federal and State-regulated Superfund Sites, inactive Hazardous Waste Sites, active RCRA Sites, as well as Brownfield transactional issues and non-regulated real property redevelopment sites. For example, he has been a Court-appointed Expert, a Special Master, a Principal Investigator at Love Canal for the NY State Attorney General, and the requested groundwater Expert on behalf of the United States of America for the US Justice Department. In the latter instance, his called-upon involvement representing the United States in a civil contamination case against a leading international oil company resulted in one of the largest, if not the largest, ‘RCRA’ hazardous waste settlements of the day. Over the years, he has developed in-depth expertise solving problems relative to risk-based cleanups, soil and groundwater-related contaminant distribution, plume configuration, migration and mitigation, preferred remedial methods to enhance contaminant removal deficiencies, and regulatory compliance negotiations with Agencies at all levels. On the clean water side, Mr. Rich has evaluated, tested, and managed construction, permitting, and expansions of numerous groundwater exploration & development projects that have and continue to provide sustainable potable water supplies and proven reserves to satisfy drinking water demands domestically and abroad.

He is a published, peer-reviewed author. For example, Mr. Rich actively contributed to the development of ASTM’s National Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Due Diligence (e.g. currently ASTM E1527-13) intended to minimize environmental liabilities for commercial real property transfers throughout the United States. He was a co-author of the Long Island, NY Areawide ‘208’ Waste Management Plan where he first introduced the concept of delineated aquifer recharge areas and ‘hydro-geologic zones’ on Long Island. Mr. Rich routinely publishes a variety of called-upon technical articles, opinion pieces, and professional editorials; and he is invited to speak on these subjects, or participate in expert panels at trade association meetings, conferences, or at local County or State Bar Association forums. Some of Mr. Rich’s voluntary pro bono activities include having served as President of the American Institute of Professional Geologists for the Northeastern United States, Vice-President of the NYS Council of Professional Geologists, and recently Chair of the Real Estate Practitioners Institute. He is listed in current volumes of Marquis’ Who’s Who in Science & Engineering, Who’s Who in the United States, and Who’s Who in the World

Mr. Rich is a Certified Professional Geologist; a Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Supervisor; a Certified Sustainable Building Adviser, an adjunct professor teaching environmental due diligence at SUNY Stony Brook University’s College of Business. He has served as Director on several Boards and is, or has been, affiliated with numerous professional industry trade organizations.

Mr. Izzo joined CA RICH in 1985, and during his tenure has helped shape the Firm’s professional service capabilities and has contributed to its stellar reputation for excellence. During the 1980s, Richard, along with the Firm’s Founder and President, Mr. Charles Rich, worked closely with the City of New York to develop an environmental testing protocol which became the basis for subsequent testing and remediation requirements under the New York City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR). In addition, Mr. Izzo developed one of the first “Phase-I” environmental due diligence assessment protocols (pre ASTM) for property transfer and worked with several lenders to assist them in developing their internal due diligence standards.

Over the past three decades, Mr. Izzo has designed, implemented and managed countless environmental testing and remediation programs involving soil, groundwater, and soil vapor impacts for private clientele, municipalities and regulatory agencies throughout New York City, Long Island, and the surrounding Tri-State area. He has successfully guided Clientele through numerous regulatory compliance programs such as CEQR, the New York State Voluntary Cleanup Program (NYSVCP), the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program (NYSBCP), the New York State Environmental Restoration Program (NYSERP), and the New York City Voluntary Cleanup Program (NYCVCP). In addition, Richard has helped clients satisfy or close out Orders on Consent, Petroleum and Chemical Spill Cases, and Stipulation Agreements.

Mr. Izzo has been called upon as an expert witness in several matters involving the transfer of environmentally impacted real property, and remediation of chemical and petroleum releases. In addition to environmental projects, Richard heads up the Firm’s water resource exploration, development and management capabilities including watershed hydrologic budgets, groundwater investigations, aquifer mapping, safe yield determination, and water allocation permitting.

As Vice President at CA RICH, Mr. Izzo provides management, organizational continuity and technical direction that supports the Firm’s valued Clientele. Richard holds credentials as a Certified Professional Geologist and as a Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Supervisor.

Mr. Yager, a CA RICH Project Manager, has managed a broad range of environmental projects throughout the northeast for more than 20 years. Certified in Asbestos Inspections, air sampling, and Hazardous Waste Operations, he performed asbestos inspections for numerous industrial, commercial and residential properties. Mr. Yager has also conducted hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments of industrial, commercial and multi-tenant residential properties, and follow-on Phase II Site Investigations and Phase III Remediations, including the preparation and implementation of Work Plans for Federal, State and County approvals. In addition, Mr. Yager has conducted air quality and mold inspections and sampling in response to indoor air quality complaints and/or water damage issues and directs CA Rich’s field operations.

Mr. Yager is certified as a Supervisor in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and Health and Safety Operations at Hazardous Sites.

Jason Cooper is a Certified Professional Geologist and a Project Environmental Scientist with CA Rich Consultants, Inc. Jason received his Bachelor of Science (Geology) from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY in 1999. He has completed OSHA training in Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response, as well as the CPR course given by the American Red Cross.

Jason has over 13 years of experience in the environmental industry and specifically over nine years of experience conducting Phase I ESAs and Phase II Investigations. He has conducted over 50 Phase I ESAs on various types of properties including commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the greater NY/NJ metropolitan area and the five boroughs of New York City. Phase I ESA’s have been used by financial institutions, city regulatory agencies and private companies in order to facilitate potential property transactions. When the Phase I ESA’s identified Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), he followed up with the subsequent responsive Phase II Investigations. Typical responsibilities for the Phase I ESAs and Phase II Investigations include coordinating historical and regulatory database searches, conducting property inspections, collecting soil, groundwater, soil vapor and/or sediment samples, working with Federal, State and Local authorities, and reviewing and authoring final reports.

Ms. Proscia brings to CA RICH vast knowledge of Environmental Health issues. As an Environmental Scientist at CA RICH, Ms. Proscia routinely conducts Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA); monitoring well installation and sampling; in-situ chemical oxidation injections; soil vapor and indoor air testing; air and dust monitoring; sediment sampling; construction oversight; analytical interpretation; underground storage tank removals; and excavations for NYCDEP ‘E’ Designated, CEQR, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), NYSDEC Spills, and NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program sites.

Ms. Proscia is certified in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and Health and Safety Operations at Hazardous Sites.

As a Geologist at CA RICH, Mr. Brown is responsible for conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). Environmental investigation and remediation work conducted by Mr. Brown includes, but is not limited to, soil, soil vapor, indoor air, groundwater and sediment sampling, analytical interpretation, sub-slab vapor point installation, monitoring well installation, excavation, air and dust monitoring, waste disposal, construction oversight, UST removals, and excavations for NYCDEP ‘E’ Designated, CEQR, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), NYSDEC Spills, and NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program Sites.

Mr. Brown is certified in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and Health and Safety Operations at Hazardous Sites.