Brownfield Redevelopment & Certification

The Firm is routinely involved in ‘brownfield’ redevelopment for development teams and has recently received several awards for efficiencies and sustainability on complex affordable-housing project improvements within the five Boroughs of New York City. CA RICH is oftentimes called-upon by established and well-recognized development teams on a repetitive basis for its competence, experience, and reliability. The Firm works with vetted contractors, waste haulers, disposal facilities, State-Certified laboratories, drillers, and specialists to ensure cost-effective services responsive to client needs and job cost controls. CA RICH is committed to satisfying its clients performing its services in a uniquely systematic fashion with well-defined tasks that prevent scientific investigations from digressing on costly and non-productive tangents.

CA RICH is experienced in the successful remediation and certification of numerous brownfield sites. Our services encompass preparation of all requisite submittals from the initial Brownfield Cleanup Program Application through issuance of Certificate of Completion and beyond.

CA RICH prides itself with successfully and expeditiously completing investigations and remedial actions on budget and in strict adherence to development and acquisition schedules. We work closely with the development team, the community and regulators to assure a seamless integration of cleanup with project development and timely issuance of local and statewide “Certificates of Completion” along with receipt of valuable tax credits.